the history of our church

Our church name is “Family Life Christian Center” and we are an Assemblies of God Church. In addition, we associate with Praise Chapel International as our founding roots. As an Assembly of God Church, we celebrated the churches one hundred-year anniversary in 2008. There is a great heritage to this church beginning with two women Mary Heinlen and her older sister Anne. With the help of their brother, they purchased a building, and opened the Peniel Mission it was located in San Jose on Market and S. First Street.

  In 1908, the Church officially opened and on January 1924 became the First Assembly of God in San Jose, CA. November 1970 the church broke ground at our current location. Many wonderful pastors and people have been part of this ministry through the years were thousands have been led to Jesus Christ.

To explain our Praise Chapel roots. Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship sent out a couple to San Jose California in 1985, Frank and Valerie Salcido. My wife Jeanne and I took over the ministry in January 1991. Through the years, the church moved 14 times. Some of the times were from hotel to hotel. During that time, I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me to join with the Assemblies of God. With that, I spoke with the President of Praise Chapel and told him where I felt God was leading me, his response was, "Mitch that is God, do what He has told you.”

As the process of bringing our church into the Assembly of God, I was introduced to Pastor Jim Uhey, who at that time was the Sr. Pastor of First Assembly of God. As we continued to meet, it became clear that the will of God was for the two churches merge as one. As the church has grown, we see the results of the merge have been a great success and has aided the work of God immensely.

With that, I would like to welcome you to this part of the Body of Christ!