the history of our church

Our church story begins on two separate roads with two worldwide organizations Praise Chapel International and Assemblies of God.


On our Assemblies of God side, there is a great heritage. This church began with two women Mary Heinlen and her sister Anne. With the help of their brother, they purchased a building, and opened the Peniel Mission.  It was located in San Jose on Market and S. First Street. In 1908, the Church officially opened and in January 1924 becoming the First Assembly of God Church, San Jose, CA. In November 1970, the church broke ground at our current location 801 Hellyer Avenue. Many wonderful pastors and people have been part of this ministry through the years where thousands have been led to Jesus Christ.


Our Praise Chapel roots started in San Jose, California in 1985. Through the years, the church has moved 14 times including renting hotel to hotel. During that time Pastor Mitch Thurman moved the church to merge with the First Assemblies of God in San Jose then under the leadership of Pastor Jim Uhey and have been on Hellyer Avenue ever since.


Our current Pastors Richard & Trina Hernandez have grown up in both organizations originally being ordained with Praise Chapel in 2002 and have been a part of the Assemblies of God since 2006. Pastor Richard & Trina have been involved in this church since they were teenagers. They have worked in every level ministry and will strive to continue this historic legacy that can be traced over 100 years ago.