Upcoming  events

  • Church christmas Party

    This Saturday at 5pm, Dec 9th, is our annual Church Christmas Party. If you'd like to attend you can sign up at church at the red table in the Main Sanctuary you can't miss it! It's $12 per person which includes a delicious dinner. If you'd also like to participate in the White Elephant Gift Exchange you can do so by bringing at gift of no more than $10, it's going to be a fun night to celebrate together we're excited to see you there.

  • Saturday night prayer

    There is so much power in prayer, but also peace. Seeking God in a quiet place can bring revelation in a dark time, inspiration in times of joy, and strength when we are weary. Join us here at the church every Saturday evening at 6pm with Pastor Nora Giltug Soulik and Joe Fnikey for a powerful time in the presence of God. 

  • SMALL GROUP: Home bible study

    Join us every Friday night at 7pm for one of our Small Group Meetings. It's an opportunity for discussion and learning in a more casual setting. Visit our Home Bible Study page for information on the great leaders we have heading up this ministry.